Sigourney Belle

Wild Grace

Transmute pain into a source of power & discover the sacredness of self and depths of your own love and desire.
Online and in person journeys.

Choose Your Adventure

Longer Lasting Pleasure

Awaken to the gift of life.
Go on a journey deep inside of yourself and unlock the gateways to ecstatic bliss and sensuality.

Reclaim Your Power

There are hidden parts within you that, once acknowledged and loved, will become your source of infinite confidence and self-love.
In a session with me, you will learn how to traverse the shadow realms, to own and love the parts of yourself that are hidden so that you can experience more expansive love, freedom and fullness.

Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

The root cause of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health issues can be traced back to a loss of power and spirit.
During an intuitive healing session, we decode the root cause of your health related issues and use energetic and emotional clearing techniques to call your power and spirit back into your body.

Discover Your Purpose

Allow me to guide you as we artfully navigate the path toward feeling alive, full of energy and powerfully passionate about life.

Find out more about my online journeys and longer mentorship program, Find Your Fire: