Welcome to the home of Sigourney Belle.

Business Oracle & Revolutionary

Bestselling Author & Writer for Forbes

Mentor for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Founder of Soma Mystica & The School of Somatic Wealth

Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. 


My name is Sigourney Belle. 

I was born and raised on a tiny island off the coast of Western Australia. 

I am a Mother, a Teacher, a Three Times Bestselling Author, Writer for Forbes and I am wildly passionate about Business. 

Business is my love language.

It is my vehicle for Magick.

(And Magick is my other love language)

Magick is the practise of working with ceremonial ritual, in order to create union with ones true self (essence, or essential nature). 

It is the purification of the lower personality, into a higher state, so that a person can align with the Divine. 

It is also IN the practise of Magick and the knowing of our true self, that we align with the truth of who we are and how we are meant to be of service in the world. 

And BUSINESS is the vehicle to which we get to actually manifest that vision. 

BUSINESS and SPIRITUALITY are not separate. 

That is a lie that has been played out by society and most people are just submitting themselves over to some kind of 9-5 or "job" out of scarcity and fear & the need to meet the demands of life. 

My work is in supporting you to lift up & out of that start of scarcity, so that you can meet yourself deeply. 

I call the process I teach, Embodied Truth. 

Because my work is NOT just about working with Magick & the Spiritual Realms. 

It is about landing your vision deeply into your physical vessel and through your Soma, through working with Somatic Practises, S*x Magic, Breathwork, Plant Medicine & Ceremonial Rituals aligned with current Astrology




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"This is not just a book, it's a movement" - Book N Review 

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Her charge for single sessions are $1500USD and 8k USD/3 months , 12kUSD/6 months and 20kUSD/year. 

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