Emma S

Levianthan is a prayer to embody love through releasing the stored trauma most of us hold within our bodies. It’s a powerful calling to come home to ourselves, to embrace all that we are, and all that we feel.

In a world that promotes and glorifies busy to the detriment of our physical and mental health, sense of daily well-being and capacity to enjoy our lives, Sigourney guides us back to our own innate body wisdom. The wisdom that knows and may have been secretly desiring to stop all this ‘doing’ and come into a state of ‘being’. To transform our worlds from the inside out.

Her words poetically speak to me and make it so clear as to WHY it is so important to feel it all, the shame, guilt and pain that we carry, so that we can find the gold hidden beneath. The lifeforce energy that is repressed by holding it all together, by holding it all in. The power we have within ourselves to create what we desire. The power that the old paradigm structures would tell us is not possible.

This book is an invitation to access our unique potential and let’s us know that it is possible. It is possible to break free from the confines and structures of what keeps us small and limited. Levianthan is an invitation to awaken to our own unique magic, through the embodiment revolution.

She supports us to realise that each one of us is needed in our wholeness at this time. To awaken to our power and gifts so that we can be of service to humanity from a place of wholeness, from a place where our cups are filled up first and foremost.

I am so inspired by your words and transmission Sigourney. Thank you.


Sigourney puts what I’ve known my whole life, into the most poetic, heart pulsing prose I’ve ever read. Her vulnerability and deep penetration into the deepest, darkest untapped parts of my beautiful soul is like a release valve has been opened and the all of me is pouring myself back into my body, back into this world… I’m beyond grateful and not at all surprised our paths have crossed in this lifetime.

Longer Lasting Pleasure

Awaken to the gift of life.
Go on a journey deep inside of yourself and unlock the gateways to ecstatic bliss and sensuality.

Reclaim Your Power

There are hidden parts within you that, once acknowledged and loved, will become your source of infinite confidence and self-love.
In a session with me, you will learn how to traverse the subconscious and shadow realms, to own and love the parts of yourself that are hidden and unlock expansive love, freedom and fullness.

Spiritual Healing

The root cause of illness and disease can be traced back to a loss of spirit and personal power.
During an intuitive healing session, we decode the root cause of your limitations and blocks, working with energetic and emotional clearing techniques to call your power and spirit back into your body.

Discover Your Purpose

Allow me to guide you as we artfully navigate the path toward feeling alive, full of energy and powerfully passionate about life.

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