Home is the feeling of being deeply anchored in the body.

The intention behind the creation of WILDGRACE is to take people on ecstatic awakening journeys to experiences the depths of their inner landscape, and to unlock feelings of sensuality and intoxicating self love.

So we can remember how to be lovers for ourselves, first.


WILDGRACE™, a parent company, encompasses both WILDGRACE.THEJOURNEY™ as well as WILDGRACE.PERFORMANCE™ micro-brand formats.

WILDGRACE is both a movement and an untaming and is fast becoming one of the leading trainings in the embodiment world.


The WILDGRACE™ mission is to connect people back to the truth of who they are, through wild, embodied and erotic dance.

It’s to mobilise and awaken people to experiencing the ecstacy of being alive and fully present in the body.

Through the reclamation of our own life force and inner source of empowerment , we can create positive change- both within ourselves, our community and collectively, to raise and shift the vibration on the planet.

WILDGRACE™ is a practise which connects us back to our roots, our physical body and the land that we walk on. Instead of trying to ascend through practises that transcend the physical body, WILDGRACE™ advocates for the descent of grace into the body, by teaching emotional alchemy and embodiment.


A Tantric Movement Practise and Embodied Dance Journey Created by Sigourney Belle Weldon, WILDGRACE™ is a movement, which teaches women and men how to self heal and liberate themselves of physical, mental and emotional stress, by working with practises that open the gateways to accessing the somatic and intuitive wisdom of the body as well as deepening in self love, connection and embodied expression.

WILDGRACE.THEJOURNEY™ combines Tantra, dance, and ecstatic movement for masterful self connection.  Utilizing The Parasympathetic Restoration Formula™, this class format is reproducible and can be taught by instructors approved by and who successfully complete the TTC.


Collaborating with boutique wellness & yoga studios and other beautiful spaces to create temple spaces where people can go on a journey of self discovery, to unlock the parts of themselves that are normally hidden, so that they can return to, embrace and love all parts of who they are.

As a company, we upskill and train teachers to become independent contractors offering   WILDGRACE.THEJOURNEY™ – conscious and embodied erotic dance journeys and transformational embodiment journeys.


WILDGRACE.PERFORMANCE™ is WILDGRACE.THEJOURNEY™ counterpart within the company.
It is a dance performance company which offers extremely unique transmission of our raw, feminine, erotic and wild.

We are permission granters that hold the gateways to helping people to see and access the parts of themselves that are often dormant and repressed.
Our true, feminine nature.

The intention behind the dance rituals and transmissions of WILDGRACE™ is to shift the energy and consciousness throughout different spaces, using ritual theatre art and sensual dance performance.

Originating in Melbourne and now based in Perth and Brisbane, we will soon be a global collective, spreading the codes of dance empowerment worldwide.

Dancing alongside artists, musicians and at festivals and events, creating performances that have an element of choreography, but also allow for the free flow of natural, sensual and erotic energy through the body. It is through the raw and embodied expression component of WILDGRACE that we allow others to experience and witness the ecstasy of being fully alive in the body and it is this transmission that I feel is largely missing within the current models of dance being taught.