Sigourney Belle

I restore your relationship to your business and anchor its messages so you can reclaim your vitality and accelerate the creative momentum of your mission.

Longer Lasting Pleasure

Awaken to the gift of life.
Go on a journey deep inside of yourself and unlock the gateways to ecstatic bliss and sensuality.

Reclaim Your Power

There are hidden parts within you that, once acknowledged and loved, will become your source of infinite confidence and self-love.
In a session with me, you will learn how to traverse the subconscious and shadow realms, to own and love the parts of yourself that are hidden and unlock expansive love, freedom and fullness.

Spiritual Healing

The root cause of illness and disease can be traced back to a loss of spirit and personal power.
During an intuitive healing session, we decode the root cause of your limitations and blocks, working with energetic and emotional clearing techniques to call your power and spirit back into your body.

Discover Your Purpose

Allow me to guide you as we artfully navigate the path toward feeling alive, full of energy and powerfully passionate about life.

Find out more about my online journeys and longer mentorship program, Find Your Fire:

My session with Sigourney was like a psychic soul-surgery, I started feeling it, this growing and ripening sensation, before we even got on the call- multiple days before. The space she holds is straight-forward, attuned, and no BS. We were able to get to the core of some issues I was grappling with, quickly. I left the call feeling empowered and ready to make choices around decisions I had been putting off for months. As an entrepreneur and intuitive guide myself, it is so invaluable for me to receive guidance and support around the alignment of my energy and my business. I LOVE working with Sigourney, and will continue to come to her for adjustments and insight
Sigourney is a serious powerhouse of intuition and magic. I was completely blown away by her ability to quickly read and reflect the complexities within my energy field. Within minutes she revealed connections between aspects of my life I had never seen as related, as well as supported me to discern how much I was carrying in my field that wasn’t mine. I was amazed by how skillfully she guided with me into the emotional roots that needed to be felt and released and how efficiently she was able to clear energetic patterns in a way that was visceral, somatic and embodied. I’ve worked with energy healers that seemed to be purely conceptual. This was full on medicine I could feel working me on multiple levels within my energy body. I was amazed by how deep we went in just an hour. I felt Sigourney remaining compassionately and delicately attuned to me the whole time. Her capacity for receptivity and listening is exquisite while at the same time she has a profound capacity to penetrate beyond the surface. Part soul midwife part energetic ninja, this woman holds a strong container where I felt I could be completely safe to open up and let go. In the days that followed I found myself having massive revelations and releasing patterns that have lived in me my entire life. Suddenly what seemed extremely complex became fluid, simple and easy. This is such a big part of the medicine I sense from this woman: She holds the wound with simultaneous seriousness and the lightness of an open hand. She offered me a template with her own presence that was ready to step beyond illusion into the simple sober truth of who I am. I felt deeply refreshed to remember that letting go and remembering can happen in an instant. I respect and trust her fully.