Book a session with me and experience results you hardly thought possible—increased energy and vitality, inspiration, intoxicating self love and pleasure.

Every session I create is entirely unique.
I work with Intuitive Bodywork, Tantric Ritual and a Touch of Magick.
To facilitate people on journeys deep into their subconscious, to shift the blocks to experiencing their natural state: alive, ecstatic and free.



Your genius comes into these sessions dormant.

It leaves you ACTIVATED and empowered.


In her private sessions, Sigourney reads the Energetic Blueprint of both her clients and their businesses, scans the emotional and energetic bodies for stuck energy and removes any blocks, reconnecting the business energy with its owner. Once reconnected, she anchors all the creative ideas, messaging, content and offers the business has been attempting to communicate with clarity, momentum and ease. They are immediately reconnected their intuition, personal power and receive an influx of focused energy that creates more aligned action, clients, financial abundance and physical pleasure.

Sigourney’s sessions are unlike any other. Clients have reported everything from a return to their natural menstrual cycles after years of no menstruation, to multiple full body orgasms for the first time, to signing their first ever clients and launching new programs in just one week.

Sigourney is available for a select few Business Medicine Sessions a month, where she facilitates the body’s nervous system restoration & channels intuitive guidance for the business so it can experience rapid acceleration.


This form has been intentionally designed to provide me with the information I need to tune into whether or not it is a fit for us to work together. There is a lot of preparation that goes into reading through these applications and tuning into YOU and YOUR essence and so I ask that before you apply, you read everything carefully and ensure that it feels like a full YES in your body.

Once you have applied, and if it is full YES from me, I will contact you via e-mail and we can schedule in a time for our session together.


My role on this planet is to teach people how to align their lives and businesses with the NEW PARADIGM of consciousness.

My sessions are deeply ritualistic and grounded in both esoteric and spiritual philosophy as well as the REAL, practical wisdom on how to navigate change within your personal life, relationships and business (they are all deeply intertwined and you can’t look at one without looking at the other).

Where there is a block in one area of your life, it will feed into all of the other areas of your life.

Your personal health affects the prosperity and consciousness of your business. The flow in your relationship.

I will skillfully scan through your energy body and connect with the soul of YOU and your BUSINESS to give you a reading on EXACTLY where you are stuck and need to make the changes that will allow you to THRIVE again.

Working with deep subconscious clearing, guided hypnosis practises and intuitive guidance, we will SHIFT and clear the blocks to you showing up in your authentic power.

In a 20 minute consult you will receive an energetic alignment as well as receiving intuitive guidance and consultancy around your personal life and business.

In an hour session you will receive this PLUS my TOP SECRET, exclusive practises & rituals which are designed for you to access and communicate with the soul consciousness of your business.


+ For WOMEN and MEN who are already leaders/revolutionaries/teachers in spiritual business

+ For WOMEN and MEN that are experienced and/or qualified in the area of expertise they are desiring to create a business around, but are still in the process of designing and creating their business idea

+ For leaders/revolutionaries who already have a spiritual based business and are wanting to REBRAND or get really super clear on where they are stuck and need to make the changes to bring alignment back in their business, again.

In addition to this, you are…

READY to take action.

You need to be a full YES as I am not here to coach you through the process and the fear that comes up for you before deciding to commit to working with me.


If you are not READY to commit to making the changes to your business and personal life, then these sessions are not for you. I am only willing to work with those that are ready and have the time and resources to take the practical action steps to creating the changes that I recommend.


To find out if we are a match for working together click here

My session with Sigourney was like a psychic soul-surgery, I started feeling it, this growing and ripening sensation, before we even got on the call- multiple days before. The space she holds is straight-forward, attuned, and no BS. We were able to get to the core of some issues I was grappling with, quickly. I left the call feeling empowered and ready to make choices around decisions I had been putting off for months. As an entrepreneur and intuitive guide myself, it is so invaluable for me to receive guidance and support around the alignment of my energy and my business. I LOVE working with Sigourney, and will continue to come to her for adjustments and insight
Sigourney is a serious powerhouse of intuition and magic. I was completely blown away by her ability to quickly read and reflect the complexities within my energy field. Within minutes she revealed connections between aspects of my life I had never seen as related, as well as supported me to discern how much I was carrying in my field that wasn’t mine. I was amazed by how skillfully she guided with me into the emotional roots that needed to be felt and released and how efficiently she was able to clear energetic patterns in a way that was visceral, somatic and embodied. I’ve worked with energy healers that seemed to be purely conceptual. This was full on medicine I could feel working me on multiple levels within my energy body. I was amazed by how deep we went in just an hour. I felt Sigourney remaining compassionately and delicately attuned to me the whole time. Her capacity for receptivity and listening is exquisite while at the same time she has a profound capacity to penetrate beyond the surface. Part soul midwife part energetic ninja, this woman holds a strong container where I felt I could be completely safe to open up and let go. In the days that followed I found myself having massive revelations and releasing patterns that have lived in me my entire life. Suddenly what seemed extremely complex became fluid, simple and easy. This is such a big part of the medicine I sense from this woman: She holds the wound with simultaneous seriousness and the lightness of an open hand. She offered me a template with her own presence that was ready to step beyond illusion into the simple sober truth of who I am. I felt deeply refreshed to remember that letting go and remembering can happen in an instant. I respect and trust her fully.