THE INITIATRESS, Zurich, Switzerland - Sigourney Belle

THE INITIATRESS, Zurich, Switzerland

THE INITIATRESS, Zurich, Switzerland

with Sigourney Belle

A Boutique 4 Day Deep Dive Training in the Devotional Feminine Tantric Arts


A Boutique 4 Day Deep Dive Training in the Devotional Feminine Tantric Arts

THE INITIATRESS is a 4 day deep dive into learning Tantric Bodywork and the ways of the Sacred Sexual Priestess.

It is a deep dive into the Feminine Mystery, where we will uncover the secrets of the body and psyche and how we can work with powerful modalities from breathwork and touch, to energetic clearing and gentle shamanic rituals, to take people on deeply cosmic and healing journeys beyond the mind and deep within the subconscious, to unlock the feeling of being home.

You will learn how to work with the Medicine of the Rose to open the heart and Serpent Medicine (Kundalini Serpent Activation work) through movement, dance and bodywork.

We will explore self practise as well as working with one another, with different practises that reveal themselves, in the moment.


Sigourney is an Author, Spiritual Teacher & Revolutionary Leader in the New Consciousness Paradigm.

Her passion is within the realms of the Sacred Sexual Arts and she has been practising as a Tantra Teacher for the past 4 years, offering private sessions around the Globe.

Her work is unique in that it is a blend of Science and the Mystical & Spiritual.

The two cannot be separated.

Science measures what is seen.

Spirituality is the exploration of that which is unseen.

I bring elements of both into my trainings, teaching you the anatomy of the spirit & consciousness.

Founder of WILDGRACE Movement, a groundbreaking development in healing, is the culmination of Sigourney’s career in Western Medicine as a Physiotherapist for 8 years – specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders – and extensive training in Complementary Medicines, including Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Access Bars Therapy, Tantra and The Spiral Clearing Process.

Through years of experience working in health Sigourney discovered that the body has an intuitive ability to heal and restore itself to its natural state of homeostasis where it is wild, alive and free. She then created the The Parasympathetic Restoration Technique™, a globally accredited modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and teaches it in privately run trainings all over the world.

You can find her on Facebook or Instagram


$3300 EARLY BIRD inc GST until midnight April 1st

$4400 FULL PRICE from April 1st onwards

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation and food are included in the training.

Travel expenses are NOT included and will need to be arranged by the participant.


To be confirmed 


Thursday 27th – Sunday 30th


A Daily Teaching Schedule of 10am-6pm 


For more information, you can email

Sigourney Belle – ASATARA

Please note: there are no refunds available for this training. You may however apply and write to management to transfer your training to another date. Please see the refund policy at checkout, for more detailed information.

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