Sigourney Belle's prestigious hands on energetic bodywork training, combining Spinal Energetics with the SOMA MYSTICA esoteric body map, which combines together Esoterics, Astrology, Yoga Therapy and Tantra. 


Sigourney is known for her transmission and teachings as a Medical Intuitive, with 10 years experience in the field, bridging the gap between the Medical and Esoteric Sectors. 

 Working in hospital systems Australia wide for the past decade, whilst also travelling the world and studying Eastern and Esoteric Philosophy, from Tibetan Buddhism to Yoga Therapy, Tantra and more, she is passionate about bridging the gap between the two fields and so has created her own School of teachings, ESOTERICA MEDICA. 

The Body Channel is a Globally Accredited hands on training, for those wanting the skills to learn how to harness Medical Intuition to be able to read a clients constitution and be able to pinpoint the location and root cause of pain/illness. 

The modality and touch technique then utilises powerful, targeted energetic touch practises to support clients to access healing, relaxation & freedom of illness/disease. 

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$3300USD early bird | Until July 1st

$4400USD | From July 1st onwards


Premalaya Retreat, Margaret River 

October 30th- November 3rd 2022


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