Apply to work in a 1:1 container to be mentored by or to go into divination with Sigourney Belle. 

Please note: Sigourney offers very limited 1:1 sessions and mostly takes on clients for a minimum of 3 months.

Her charge for a single sessions is $1500USD and 3 months work together is 33, 300K USD which includes 1:1 sessions as well as private access to her visionary & oracle support via Telegram. 

The only other way to work with Sigourney to receive her transmissions around Ritualism, Magick and Business are to enter OPES RITUS | The Wealth Field, her exclusive membership portal. 

For 1:1 work, scholarships may be considered - please leave a comment in the last box below about your financial circumstances, if you are unable to work with Sigourney at full cost. 

*** PLEASE NOTE: Once you apply, you will receive a discovery call link via email - please make sure you check your spam if it doesn't show up in your inbox (or contact [email protected] for support)