Welcome to the home of the offerings of Sigourney Belle.


And welcome home.

If you are here, it is because you have felt to explore the deepest, most fertile, richest parts of yourself. 

The parts that for most part, society has cast to the side, as unloveable. 

That our culture has named as too ugly, too dangerous. 

Hidden away in the dark closets; the dragons den that we dare not touch or name. 

The things we name or most of us know as the "shadow"

That we like to look at from afar to scrutinise and analyse. 

But that we do not truly dare to go near...

The things that Religion has cast aside as "evil" and "dark"

That hold the true riches

The deepest insights into the parts of us that, if we truly confronted, would not only strangle us, but would also set us free. 

So, welcome again. 

If you are here it is because you are choosing to finally see that which you have not been willing to confront, prior to now. 

It is because you have been called....home. 

Those parts of you, ARE you. 

And you can no longer run or hide. 

You are ready to be loved. 

ALL of you is ready. 


Sigourney is a Revolutionary, Visionary, Seer, Philanthropist, three times bestselling Author and Columnist for Forbes, the Global leading Media platform for Innovative Business. 

Her work in the world is centered around the revival of Ancient Wisdom, Ritual and Temple culture back into society. 

In a society that is logic driven, she stands for poetry: for the restoration of the medicine of the deep and the dark. Our feminine nature - the path of  mystery and magic. 

A 4x bestselling Author and Serial Entrepreneur, she is passionate about bridging worlds and has created multiple successful, global enterprises creating new systems that are here to counterbalance a highly masculine, success driven society, to include principles of deep rest, connection, sacred intimacy and earth based, sustainable and intuitively led living.



Sigourney Belle's Revolutionary work, pioneering a new movement in Business, combining Magick, Ritual, Astrology and Business in a way that has not been done before. 

Membership Portal Offering & Private 1:1 Mentoring. 

Revolutionising the healing industry. 

A new paradigm of medicine combining Ancient Esoterics with new maps and models to support Practitioners to learn and integrate Medical Intuition into their work as a Healer or Holistic Medicine Practitioner. 

Our hands on Energetic Bodywork practise. 

Designed to support the process of ascension of consciousness, through the vessel of the body. 

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