Choose you, then choose me. - Sigourney Belle

Choose you, then choose me.

I want to share something that’s really present, alive and stirring within me at the moment.⁣

It’s women emasculating men and cutting their balls off when their emotional needs aren’t met. ⁣
And yes, it’s important we express what we desire and ask for what we need. But we can’t expect them to meet our needs. ⁣

Men have a choice, too. ⁣

And I’ve seen it first hand… women can be just as violent towards men. Often, it’s subtly. The “fuck you” gaze and the emotional manipulation when we’re not getting our own way. ⁣

And sure, women are biologically wired to be more emotional than men. But that doesn’t mean that men aren’t equally as sensitive. Or that they are less entitled to speak and have their needs met. ⁣

We should be encouraging one another to know our needs and speak them. To create boundaries. To honour one another’s sovereignty and heart. We should thank one another for choosing themselves first. You can’t fully choose another if you’re not. I recently engaged in relating with someone who said “I choose the relationship with myself first and you second”. I was fucking relieved. It gave me the permission to do the same. ⁣

If we’re projecting onto someone when they’re choosing themselves, we really need to look at where we are not fully choosing ourselves and expecting others to choose us and give us what we are not giving to ourselves. And sure, there’s something really beautiful about being fully chosen. But not from a space of self sacrifice. It should be from a space of authentic desire. ⁣

I personally don’t want to be chosen by someone that doesn’t choose themselves first. It’s a fucking recipe for codependency. I’ve learnt that time and time again. ⁣

Choose yourself. Then choose me.

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