BEYOND THE VICTIM - Sigourney Belle


It’s funny. 


We play games and come into our victim for someone to say poor you and then as soon as they submit, we win. They give us what we want. And yet it’s not what we need. What we truly need is for the person to see that part of us and gently draw the true self out that’s hiding, underneath it. The part of us that actually DESIRES something that we don’t want to admit; that we hide from. And when someone submits to our games, they support us in suppressing our desires. And so the cycle continues. What we truly need is to look beyond the lens of the words being spoken and to feel. What lies beneath the words we say and the uncomfortable feelings were holding in the body? Let’s get to the bottom of it. Because underneath any victim story is love. It’s power. It’s the part of us that TRULY wants to be supported, that we’re scared of. 

How do we do this? 

Through being met by people that really fucking see you and are ready to call out bullshit, with love. And not from a space of trying to fix or heal but just because it’s uncomfortable to be in the presence of someone that’s stopping themselves from really fucking shining. And then by learning to actually feel. By breathing into body and letting go of the defence or wounding and to allow the DEEPER TRUTH to come through. 

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